Sylvia Goldstein, Paul's mom, taught him how to shop for bargains.
Growing up, Paul often saw his mom, Sylvia, at the kitchen table, scouring through the supermarket circulars, searching for deals that would stretch the family's money.

​Sylvia engrained in Paul the importance of finding a great deal. Goldstein Capital's greatest value added for our clients may be that Paul and the Goldstein Capital team are exceptional shoppers. Goldstein Capital scours the bond market and works with over 50 dealers to find the best deals. Being great shoppers and having deep investment expertise helps Goldstein Capital towards its goal of positioning clients to earn more income without taking more risk.

Like houses and cars, a bond has no set price. The dealer who owns a bond tries to sell a bond for the highest price they feel they can get away with. As keen shoppers and negotiators with product expertise, the Goldstein Capital team can often get great deals that have the potential to generate a lot of extra income for clients.
At Goldstein Capital we are great shoppers.
And that may help you make more money.
Photo: James Salzano
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